Music Education for Children

music education

Music and your Child’s Education

For kick-starting your child’s music education, probably the easiest instrument to learn is the guitar.  Your child can learn to read music while they gain satisfaction from guitar playing. 

But they may prefer to play the piano and desire keyboard lessons.  The piano may not be the easiest instrument to play, but will be very useful in teaching music and musical appreciation.

Ukulele playing is another way in which kids can learn music.  So why not help them to learn ukulele, along with keyboard lessons.

Yamaha Music Schools

Yamaha Music Schools are in many states and are set up for teaching music to young children.

If you help your kids to learn music, it will benefit their overall development in many ways.

Teach Children Singing

It’s always enjoyable to hear kids sing.

To teach children singing is also a good way to develop their musical appreciation. 

If you find a suitable song to sing to baby, you will cultivate musical interest from a very early age. 

Our Story

When choosing a school for our two children, I looked around.  As well as having a good all-round education program, the school needed to have an exercise program, a sports program… and they needed to have music. The school that I chose was one that had classes in musical instruments. The children could choose an instrument for themselves.  There was an opportunity for our children to learn an instrument at school and participate in the orchestra.

The school was very much orientated to the arts.  We felt that this was important for our children.  It was a child centred school with a broad music program, and we felt this also was important for our children’s education.

The school’s singing program included various singing groups.  The school had choirs of different levels and they held competitions between singing groups. Our girls were very much involved in the school choir, as well as the smaller singing groups.  This was a great learning experience for them.

Your Child’s Music Education

To get your children singing, they too could become part of a choir. Or they could look for the easiest instrument to learn and have a lesson once a week at the school. 

They could learn to read music.  They could have guitar lessons or learn to play the piano.  Our children learned the saxophone and the flute.  They learned to read music and played in the school orchestra. 

Music Education at Home

Your family might be musically orientated, so allowing your children to experiment, see what instrument that they might like to play, provides the opportunity to expand their talent right into adulthood. You may, as a parent or guardian, play an instrument at home, and you could teach your children an easy guitar riff or basic chord piano playing.   

Besides having the opportunity to play a particular musical instrument, it’s important, for an all-round education, for children to be able to appreciate music, listen to relaxing music and find the music that they enjoy most.

To learn piano or learn guitar?

You might find that your kids are particularly orientated towards guitar playing or perhaps the drums.

Or they might like to learn piano.  Give them the opportunity to have some lessons, see where their talents lie and expand their music education.  

Learning an instrument is just as important as learning a sport activity. It gives the child a sense of pride in knowing that they have achieved something in themselves.

Or they might be in a singing group or a choir. This opens up avenues to them whereby they can present their particular talent to an audience and this is good for their self-esteem and their overall well-being.

They might love to sing and their singing needs to be developed. Their voices can be developed. Singing and being in a choir is very good for their overall development. … and they have a lot of fun together.  Playing any type of music, if it’s done in an organised group activity, will introduce them to new friends and they might form great bonds of friendship that can last a lifetime.

Choosing the Best School For Your Child’s Music Education

When choosing the right school for your children, you need to look for a school that’s heavily orientated around education, music, sport, the arts and the fun and enjoyment of mixing with lots of friends while gaining a good education.

Remember that when learning an instrument, children get to know others and mix with friends, which is good for their social interaction with other children.

Benefits of Music Education

Music education is important for building a child’s self-esteem, their character and their general health and well-being.  Music helps them to become more confident. They will enjoy playing on their own and can present solo performances, participate in choirs, and play musical instruments at school and at home.  

All of these activities will build their self-confidence and give them a great sense of self-respect.   

So, teach them to read music.  Commence the guitar lessons.  Buy them a piano to play and get your children singing.

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