Stimulating Activities for Children

Handwork activities for kids

When children have lots of opportunities to participate in a wide variety of stimulating activities, it stimulates and develops their confidence and willingness to try new things.  

When actively engaged with art and crafts, cooking or textile activities, they are stimulating their senses.  They are experiencing texture, touch, smell, soft, hard, wet or delicate things that stimulate their minds to problem solving, awakening and exploring their creative skills and abilities and desires

Hand-Eye Co-ordination

Playdough Activities

Hand eye coordination develops when they experiment with practising drawing, painting and using scissors and gluing.  Parents need to read stories to their children, which further stimulates their imagination as they listen to the different adventures of the book characters. Even though they cannot read yet, if helps to develop their language skills and how different words express feelings, thoughts and action.

Children are learning more about themselves, developing words and phrases, expressing themselves through feelings and their developing thought processes. They learn language through facial expression, saying new words they hear, trying to put them in a sentence and mimicking others around them.

Because children are watching and listening to those around them, parents and teachers shouldn’t use “baby talk” when expressing themselves, but rather express themselves as normal, explaining why, how etc and using normal adult speech. This helps children understand and develop their use of language, how words are put together and expands their vocabulary.

Parents need to provide a safe learning, stimulating environment where children can experiment, imagine and play happily.  

When parents or teachers facilitate a stimulating environment for young children, the children are given a distinct advantage when it comes to language skills, confidence, self-esteem levels and creative, imaginative development.

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