Your child’s first encounter with formal child education will most likely take place when they are enrolled in an early childhood learning center.  If your child is exceptionally bright, you may have considered enrolling them in a special school for gifted children.

Child Education

Their early childhood development, however, will commence well in advance of their preschool education… well before they experience group learning with other children in school.

A child centered education includes early learning for every child today.

Even before they become primary school kids and engage with other primary school children, they will most likely be capable of using computer apps that involve online learning for kids.   

Children are learning from the day they are born

On this Helpful Parenting Tips website you find advice on how, as a parent you can make your home a creative kids learning center so that you will not see your children missing education that should be an essential part of their early childhood development.


Reasons why children should learn to swim

Swimming lessons develop a child’s awareness of the importance of water safety when swimming. It teaches them to be confident when participating in swimming activities. It strengthens their self esteem by learning good swimming techniques.

Swimming develops new friendships and introduces kids to the importance of teamwork. Swimming lessons not only strengthen their physical abilities and muscles, but it’s an excellent way to keep fit and healthy, keeping their heart and lungs strong.


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home schooling


For your child to be successful in life, they will need to have a good education.  It is clear that children’s education begins at a very early age, long before the school years begin…

One of the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19, was that many parents unexpectedly found themselves in the position of becoming a home-school Mom or Dad, helping their children to adjust to distant learning, as well as supervising their child’s education at home.

self worth

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Music Education for Children

For an all-round education, it’s important to allow your children the opportunity to take an interest in the arts… and particularly in music.  It’s important that children have the opportunity to try an instrument, to sing, to listen to music and appreciate the different genres of music.  

Many parents will help their kids to learn to play a chord on guitar (perhaps not the F chord) or to learn to play the piano and to read music.  Playing a chord on guitar or piano can be a great start. 

Arguably the easiest instrument to learn to play is the guitar, and if your child has a desire to learn guitar, then guitar lessons would be a good idea.  Guitar playing can be a source of great satisfaction for a child and guitar lessons for beginners can easily be found online.  If your child would like to learn to play guitar, online guitar lessons are an excellent way to start.

If your child has more of an interest to learn piano, then of course you will need to have a piano to play.   Online piano lessons can also be found.  As children develop, they can study piano music and advance their music education.  If a child wants to learn to play piano or beginner guitar, beginning piano lessons or guitar lessons will give them a great start in the development of musical appreciation.

Children will come to appreciate that listening to and creating music is both stimulating and relaxing. Being able to sit and meditate, to work quietly with soft music playing in the background is a way of relaxing the body and soothing the soul.

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Teaching Your Children Cooking

child baking

Teaching children cooking is important, as cooking is one of the many life skills that children need to learn. It introduces them to the importance of health and nutrition for their growing bodies.  

For children, cooking empowers them to be creative and independent.  It introduces them to the practicalities of maths, measurements, fractions and weights and what happens when certain foods are mixed together.  They will learn that, perhaps because of heat or by adding bi-carb to an acid food, there is a chemical reaction. These things can be learned when kids cook real food in the kitchen.

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Providing Stimulating Learning Activities for Children


From the moment children are born they are learning, listening and reacting to their environment. As they grow and communicate with those around, they try different activities, learning from others, which stimulates their growth and development.

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Creating a Play Environment for Children

Early Childhood Learning Centre

You may like to set aside part of a room for your child to play or one section of their bedroom, or a completely separate room. A child’s play room needs to be a safe place for them to explore, construct, imagine and most of all, enjoy playing in. It needs to be light and airy, colourful with places to sit, draw, paint or simply explore their creative skills.  Children love to play and imagine, creating, building and learning, while discovering new possibilities.

When selecting toys for children, consider selecting things that they can climb on, manipulate, build and construct or pull apart. Include toys and activities that they get a lot of pleasure and enjoyment from.  Often the best toys are those that can be used in a variety of ways.

self esteem is,knowing your self worth

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Teaching your Child to Read

Child Education

Studies have shown that spending time on hand-eye coordination activities improves children’s ability to learn to read and lessens the difficulty they face during the process.

child education

How to prepare your child for learning to read