raising confident children


As parents, you need to give your children the best opportunity to become well balanced teenagers. To do this you need to provide the right environment.

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Child Health and Nutrition


Your child’s nutrition is going to start with you. You child is going to see what foods you eat, and when you are more likely to eat them, and your child is going to build their own habits from those habits he or she sees you following.

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Child Education


Studies have shown that spending time on hand-eye coordination activities improves children’s ability to learn to read and lessens the difficulty they face during the process

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Parenting Tips and Advice on Raising Happy and Healthy Children in a modern world.

On this site we will help you to equip yourself with practical parenting tips and guidance to become an effective parent, showing empathy and compassion, being mindful always of the child’s needs, wants, desires and frustrations.


parent crenter

We will provide parenting tips on being able to develop and cultivate healthy, well-adjusted children who feel secure, all the while providing them with encouragement, positive affirmation and problem-solving skills, allowing them to feel heard and valued.


This practical guide will strengthen the relationship between parent and child, whereby children will grow and learn about each other’s uniqueness and abilities at every stage thru infancy, young childhood, school age, on into teenage years and then adulthood.

These parenting tips will help you engender respect, tolerance, love and understanding towards others in these growing young members of your family.


Children, right from birth, always look to their parents for guidance and instruction on how to do things.  In trying to understand the immediate world, they learn from those around them and by mimicking what others do.  Good parenting is key to raising happy and healthy children…to having well behaved and well-mannered children.  In large part, it boils down to good communication, not only through words, but by actions that gives clear signals.


We all want our children to grow up to be happy and well adjusted.  Raising children takes effort, patience and clear, consistent communication skills. We need to have a very positive parenting style, that incorporates good communication, lots of laughter and understanding.  On this site, you will find a wealth of helpful parenting tips that address many of the issues that parents face today.



The attributes that we all regard as desirable in our children include such qualities as behaving with good manners.  This will involve parents teaching them to share with their siblings and their other playmates and learning to practise self-discipline.  Children who learn these foundational qualities at an early age will grow up better able to relate to others in later years.  They will also build a foundation for developing self-confidence and high self-esteem.


Every parent will experience the combined sense of excitement and overwhelm when that first little bundle of joy arrives on their doorstep.  Many parenting skills can be learnt simply by the process of trial and error but why not draw upon the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before?  It is possible to minimise the stress that will follow by being better prepared from the outset.  Much of such wisdom has been offered on the pages of this website.


parenting styles

For example, many parents try to maintain their lifestyle when the child comes along, not realising that their world will be turned upside down, not only with the arrival of the first child, but also the second who will most likely have very different personality traits from the first.  Being better prepared and agreeing together in advance about such matters as who will be the one up half the night attending to baby’s needs, will go a long way towards minimising the stresses that are sure to follow and continue for the next ten to twenty years and beyond.


circle of security

As children grow and develop, parents need to create an environment that is safe and secure for their children play, grow and learn new skills.  Children love to try new fun activities, especially outside of the home where they can explore, develop new skills, meet lots of new friends, as they watch and learn from those more experienced.

Take your children camping in the bush, to caravan parks near the beach and allow them to ride their bikes.  Take them fishing to try and catch something for their dinner, explore the beaches and fly a kite.  Play cards and games around the campfire at night, before going to bed in the tent.  The outdoors has so much for children to explore and engenders a love of nature, wildlife and new and different experiences.


The benefits of Confidence Building in children

Strengthening self-esteem in children

A lot of children struggle with self-confidence and lack belief in their own abilities. Consequently, this can lead to long term low self-esteem levels, well into the future.

Building self-esteem in children doesn't mean that, by simply praising them often enough, they will automatically become confident kids.

To define self-esteem in kids is to say that they have acquired the skills that enable them to feel a strong sense of self-respect, self-worth, and self-value, because valuing yourself means you are aware of your own present and future potential.

So how do we, as parents, teachers and guardians help kids suffering from low self-esteem, or children simply lacking confidence in themselves?

Developing self-confidence is what provides the building blocks of a child's self-esteem.

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What is Your Parenting Style?

One of the first things that should be considered is what parenting style should be adopted and on this it is extremely important that agreement should be reached.  Will your parenting style be “permissive”,  “authoritarian” or “authoritative” or something else?  What is the difference and why does it matter?  

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